Candy ~ <3

I’ve been working on some new stuff as midterms are this week. My experimentation with ducktape has lead to the following works. The blue/teal/orange one is still being worked on. These paints, candy like, are so, well edible. I have been reading alot about pornography and how the female body functions. My reference recently has been playboy, which I really adore right now. The pink/neon green work is actually on packaging tape adhered to canvas. Because it was finicky , there are a lot of folds and crinkles in it, making the texture wonderful to work on. I am debating looking into finding ways to adhere saran wrap to the canvas, or just use it for texture, we’ll see how that goes. The smaller work, which is WAY too shiny, might possibly get donated to WhoDun it?, I am not sure.

We’ll I am off again to go do readings, either for thesis or my postmodern class. Latter.

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