So many teas and not enough space

So I moved to my new place… only problem I am looking at my box of teas and tea ware, and there seems to be a lack of space for both. I am at a loss of what to do to acomidate for such a terrible disaster.
Although the cubords are still drying so for all I know the space is there and I just don’t know it yet <3 Work is treating me quite well. I finished reading “The Tea Classic” this evening, which resulted in me wanting to read I-ching to get a better understanding of what he is talking about. As well as get out my Yixing pots and brew up some Oolong tea.
I will try to get somekind of place for my tea ware and find a palce for a tea table area as well. Things are missing. I may need to get my Dad to take me back home to locate some things I require to live in here. My futon being on that list, hopefully he can fix it soon and I can just aquire the folding coffee table I have been eyeing.

Anyhow. I have drank most of the Rooibos “teas” at work and I’m going to be brave and finish them tommorow along with some Oolongs (I think I have one left to try).
      I visited another tea shop in toronto a while back, but before I review it I want to go back for another visit since it has been a while. Look forward to it.

I’m going to turn in for the night. Best to all.

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