Tea and Business

Around work people are slowly understanding the effects of tea in comparison to coffee. Switching over for health reasons and to reduce caffeine intake mainly and for some enjoyment. Setting up a small set for tea at your work is simple.
Many have opted to get their own Tea master for their desk while others have chosen either a cup with infuser or a teapot. Individuality is quite apparent in their quest for the right tea ware.
Instead of getting something individual, which is okay for yourself, why not opt to get a set for large business meetings? Tea can calm the mind and aid in focusing it as well. It is much healthier (if that is a concern) than coffee and easier on the body (the caffeine goes through the blood stream and not the nervous system like coffee , leading to shakes).
If you have the time talk to your manager about setting up such a set in your kitchenette. Work on a small budget for quality leafed tea for each month. It is quite easy to set up~
What have you set up at work to enjoy the leaf?

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