A new set has been released from work in celebration of the Chinese New Year. As it happens to be the year of the dragon, head office has come up with this commemorative set.
     It has 100g in total split between the tins. The teas are Green Dragon (Green Oolong), Red Dragon ( Dark Oolong), Dragon Eyes (Jasmine Green Tea) and Dragon well (Green Tea).
      The company has the following description on the website:

“In celebration of Chinese New Year, Teaopia has curated a hand selected collection of our finest teas to commemorate year of the dragon. The dragon is the mightiest of the Chinese Zodiac signs. The symbol dates back to 3,000 BC ,and is admired for it’s uniqueness, beauty and auspicious powers. This beautiful set comes with 4 Dragon inspired teas including two specialty teas. “

   Over the next while I am going to do small tastings in a gaiwan of each tea. This is in preparation of my commencement of the Tea 
Sommelier  Program at George Brown College in the spring. My aim is to broaden my pallet. Each tasting will be done along side with Teaopia description of the teas, which is printed on the back of the box. I hope to “look” for these notes that they have found and at the same time find my own description for them. Till then じゃね!

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