Goal for 2013 and turning a whole year older

    Life has thrown a lot of great things my way since the end of January. Promotion, the chance to show my work at a huge event (Toronto Tea Festival) and now, what I’m going to call, a “Working-Vacation”.
     Life is all thrown up in the air currently.  I will be going for some management training (yup, I’m a manager, great learning experience right?).
  This is fantastic opportunity for me and my store as a whole (with my fab team of course), although I need to implement some organizational strategies to make things…organized.
     Up till about 2 weeks ago I was using a “At-A-Glance” day planner, then after too many hours on Pintrest I discovered “Home Binders”. These great little organizers to make things… work.
    I took the first step and made my “Personal Planner” which I adore. Come on just look at that great detail of washi tape around it!
    This includes things like Blog organization (ideas, when to post, what point am I in the plan, research needed etc), home binder section (more on that in a moment), Art section (submissions to track, projects, story info, ANYTHING related to the creative process), regular weekly day planner pages with a large month page and addresses.
     Now my home binder is still new, I got this started Friday night. I looked all over the net for free printables and even created my own. After watching athomewithnikki over on YouTube, I was hooked with the idea of having somewhere to plan out my projects (no matter the size). I hate wasting money and I love my projects (home binder being one of them sadly…oops).
    Anyhow. This little guy is tough. Its packed with financial info (cheque tracking, budgeting, expenses etc), cleaning chores, organization & other projects, meal plans and shopping lists. THEN there is the smaller section with everything else, this includes passwords, gift planning, online order tracking, electronics info (I can never remember what ink to buy for my printer), goals, want lists, make-up refill master list (where I got it and how much), coupons and gift cards (I loose these easily so why not keep them all together!)
     My task now is to take on a routine challenge. I have signed up for Flylady.net and I hope to get my “sink shined”. Or at least that’s all I have understood from her so far. She was recommended to my by my mother last year and I passed off the website as BS. I found it again and she encourages a “Control Binder” or “Home Binder”, thus this is why I signed up. She will send tasks for each day of little reminders. This is to reinforce routines, make new ones and just keep things as they should be. If I can get this all together sooner than latter the better.

     Okay, back to something art related……
Before I created both of these binders I made this bad boy. It’s my art journal. I was getting frustrated that I could never find the note I needed or a past artist statement I wanted to refer to. Now everything has a home. I even have space to house suppliers info, galleries, inspiration etc. Its really handy. I used the same Martha Stuart inserts I have used for my other binders (I have one for Tea Guild of Canada as well…I’m OCD it seems…). They are very easy to change to something else, I have pockets for everything that I need as well. Check it out. Staples sells her line, right now a few of her things are on sale. Quite a steal right now.
     I’m hoping to get more work done before, during and after going for my “Working-Vacation”, but please give me time.  I am also working to move my website to a possible WordPress platform. I just need to figure out how to use it prior to switching.

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