Work light! Create a mobile (almost) paperless office

Obtaining a (almost) paperless office is very simple, it just takes some “outside the box” thinking. As we progress to an all “cloud” world, I made changes to my gear with syncing in mind.
      This idea is great for not only bloggers but those with small businesses. My personal favorite part is that it is light and will not strain your shoulder should you need to move to a new space .
     Having a portable office is essential , to me, as you can even take it with you to conventions or to ‘”finish” up work at the cottage.
      With no further a do, here are some suggested parts for this kit.

1. Tablet
     For writing or business tasks most can be done on via Google Drive and a few social media apps. For offline work, I suggest ensuring the device has an office like program so that you have access to a word processor and excel.
    If you want to do your bookkeeping, either there is excel or one of the many differnt online bookkeeping options. Do your research and I’m sure you will find one that suits your needs.

2. Bluetooth keyboard
      While the integrated screen keyboard is handy, I do prefer to have a little more room for my fingers to move across. This option is great as it virtually turns your tablet into a touchscreen “laptop” of awesomeness.

3. Smart Phone
       There have been a few times that I have not been able to access WiFi and love that I have some data for my phone. If you look online there may even be a way to tether you phone to be a WiFi hot spot to complete your work. Just make sure you have enough data on your plan to avoid extra charges when your next bill comes.
    I use it also to capture thoughts in Google Keep (its similar to Evernote) and at times manage social media while working on a post. 

4. Note book and a 4 in 1 pen
        Personally there are times when the feel of a pen gliding across paper is just needed. I personally use mine to do extra mind mapping to complete tasks that are in progress (along side my Google Keep app on my phone).  Recently I found a 4 in one pen. It has a stylus, black pen, red pen and a 0.5 mechanical pencil. The last three are in the barrel while  the stylus is on the top of the pen. Its super nifty to have around and keeps me from having a pencil case of randomness.

5. Charger cords and/ or charger block
       Luckily for me my Nexus 5, Bluetooth keyboard and tablet all take the same micro USB cord. Keeping it super simple. For times where I can not get to a spot to charge them, I have my charger block. I ensure this is charged a all times and is a great back up option to keep things rolling.

6. Headphones

      To be completely focused on the tasks at hand these really help out. Sometimes I work at a cafe or the library, so now I can still watch videos or listen to a podcast if one comes up during my research.

7. Bag

       Alright mine is just a purse, but this shows how easy it is to tote everything around. With my set up I can even take it on a long road trip and get work done Offline (Montreal in little over a week, yes!). I picked this because its organized, I can see everything when I look in and its me.

These are what I have as part of my office, most things are stored on Google drive or on the 64 GB micro SD card on my tablet. These are just some suggestions to get you started, whether you need an office for promoting your art, blog, shop or even just to finish a paper for school. Its super useful and wont strain your back or shoulder like a huge laptop and accessories (and snacks!).

      What do you have together for your mobile office? 

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