How Marrie Forleo will change how you look at your life


 Sometimes we need to change a few things in our lives to be  happier, little tweeks here and there.  December last year I was let go due to company changes. The change hit me hard. A few weeks prior I had gone to Ottawa and Montreal for the Ottawa Tea Festival with them. As well I had made the conscious choice to quit smoking (since starting Fall 2009). Not having an income really hit home for me. I overall felt like I had no one to turn to and It was a week before I felt I could tell my family.  In the end I had to move out of my apartment, this only made things worse. It felt like I was loosing part of myself, my little niche. I cried a fair amount while packing up my teas and tea ware. How can our lives get reduced to a number of boxes?
      The week after Christmas a family member offered to help me . After writing resumes and cover letters, I was then going to Halifax.  Don’t get me wrong I loved it out there. It was so calming, knowing that everything around me was new. In the end it did not last. I had to leave someone behind and come back to Ontario.  Again a heavy depression hit.  I slept in and stayed up extra late. I did not have the will to do anything.
       Then one day My mom invited me to go to Yoga with her. Who would have known that this small change made a big change for me as a person. I went once a week a first then signed up for a whole eight week session twice a week. I love it.
     Shortly after those first two classes I began to feel much more like myself again. I began to blog again and even began to invest in myself. Putting myself first was the best thing that I have done for myself in the (almost there) 4 years of writing for Tea Journey. My role model is Marie Forleo. If it were not for her book “Make Every Man Want You” and her channel on YouTube MarieTV, I would not have made this change.

Marie Forleo can change how you look at the world

1. Say no to negativity
           Before and a bit during I was in constant contact with people who were negative. During my healing process I choose not to talk to them. For some I had to temporarily remove them from my Facebook feed, to keep their voices out of my head.

2. Make “is-ness” my business
         Focusing on the now rather than the past, I was able to progress forward. I make sure to be in the moment even for simple things like washing the dishes, listening to my parents’ day , or  hunting around the house for my cat (You know that you do it too, lol). I focus on one thing and push other thoughts out of my mind.

3.  Be silly
      There have been countless times that I want to be just plain goofy, but I stopped myself. Now I let myself let the goofiness out and push the worrying voice away.  I can be seen dancing a little while shopping, bouncing on my bed (oh man this really is the best), nerding out with my brother or even rolling around on the floor with my cat 🙂

4. Build a routine
      Alright I’ll admit I don’t get up the same time everyday. But my routine is the same  (unless its the weekend), getting up and reading something to get my mind going, get up make a cup of jo (Im working on changing back to tea, trust me), read a bit more, pop on a video (or tunes), make up and then clothes. It all ends with me reading through Bloglovin to check up on a few people (Shout out to Nichole and Rita, represent ) to see whats up with them. 

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