Outdoor Tea: Made Simple

   Having tea outside is the most magical thing you can do (aside from opening an order of new teas). It allows you to let it reconnect with nature, and it in turn will connect you to it as well. With this great benefit we can receive, why is there such a small amount of tea people not taking their tea outside? The answer is simple, it can be hard deciding what tea ware to bring with you ( I had the same problem). 

   The trick is to use a tea bowl. It is a single vessel that needs no cups or decanters. To make tea you just need a thermos of water and tea. Add some tea and water. Wait, then enjoy. 

   The beauty of this is that it makes you focus on the tea more and it makes your bag not as heavy. Packing is just as simple, below are simple steps to take your tea moment outside.

Steps to packing for Outdoor Tea

1.  Wrap up your tea bowl in a cloth  (or carry it in a camera bag like I did) and put it in your bag. 

2    Boil some water and fill up your thermos. Pack it

3    Pick a tea and pack it.

4.   Find something to sit on and pack it. (I am using an old yoga mat but an old towel will do)

5.   Pack anything else you think you may need, but keep it simple (This is optional). Here I am using a tea mat and bamboo scoop I received from Global Tea hut. 

The key thing is to keep it as simple as possible. I found with this set up I really did not need the bamboo scoop. So now I know for next time to leave it at home.


Do you have a simple set up for outdoor tea? I would love to hear (and see, share pictures too!) about your packing choices. Comment below or e-mail me, tweet, instagram etc.   


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