Get Green: budding bonsai

    Bonsai trees are a mini living representation of Zen and Dao. They grow and stay small (with some help), but they also become something so simple. A living tree . I know this is crazy to point out but they are defined as decorative plants to some people or hobbies to others. To me and others who adore them, they are an art form that represents life. Over 10 years ago they were cool and now its a struggle to find a good starter tree.
   To solve this problem and get myself back into my secret old woman-like-art-form, I am going to grow my own tree. Recently we added a small juniper tree to our garden, so I took a small cutting to get started. By soaking the freshly cut end in water with wet paper towel to ensure constant water source. In a few weeks, I am hoping it will take root so that it can be soon planted into a small pot.
 Updates to come, I will post images on twitter, Instagram and other posts. Keep your life green.

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