Ready for Fall: Favourites

 While we still have weeks left of summer ahead of us, I love being prepared. Throughout summer I have found and used a few things that just made my day a little bit better (or simpler). These four items are my top picks that I am going to continue to use going into the next season.

Steep and Go // Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss and Cheeks

Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake Mix // Kate Spade All Occasion Note Card Set


  On my visit to Lauriam Tea House with my brother I spotted this little gem. The spout/filter comes with two adapters that will allow it to fit on any water bottle! It has been coming with me to yoga class, allowed me to use up more tea and kept me hydrated. 


 It has been a long running tradition for my Mom and I to watch City Line together, especially on Fashion Friday! Late Spring this little blessing was shown and I just had to try it out! My lips had never felt so moisturized from any lip colored product. It has been part of my quick- and -easy beauty routine since (I am such a lipstick and eyeliner girl). Currently I only have #4, a lovely bright orange that works for my complexion but this pink (or brighter) is on my list.


  I am notorious for skipping breakfast, but that is not a problem anymore. Before this plant based mix I was using Vega and it was WAY too sweet. This one is perfect as it is packed with vitamins, minerals and all those things that our body needs. The bonus for me is that it helps so much that I have almost cut coffee out of my “morning” routine and replaced it with lemon water (More on that latter) or tea. 


   With everyone glued to their phones these days, it is refreshing to receive (or send) an actual letter. These note cards are adorable! I can not imagine working at my desk without them. They can be used for birthdays, thank you notes, anniversaries etc. To make things even easier they are organized by little tabs so you always know what you have.

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