Join us for a Global Meditation for Peace : August 8th 2014

   Over the last few months  I have been reading Yoga Journal Magazine as it is such an inspiring little gem. Early July while flipping through I noticed a little advertisement that hit home for me. Deepak Chopra, a spiritual Entrepreneur, was hosting a Global Meditation for Peace in Toronto. And online. The very thought of bringing together possibly millions of people for one cause reminded me of the Lole White event I attended in June. The White event was so moving it was hard not to have a little tear in your eye and a huge smile on your face. 


    I believe that this meditation will bring about the same kind of connectedness that everyone felt during Lole White, no matter where they were. I am sharing the information for this event as I believe that it will help you develop a stronger connectedness with those around you , the earth and with your tea. Last week we went over how a meditative mind effects our tea and water. The very act of learning or trying to meditate helps develop a deeper connection with yourself, the universe and things around you (this includes tea). If you have been following my Digital table series for Global Tea Hut, or have subscribed, I highly suggest that you sign up and join in. 

  On a side note, this event is also an attempt at setting the world record for collective meditation. Below is a video explaining more about the event itself.
Namaste, let me know if you sign up and, after, how you feel in the comments below.

Global Meditation for Peace

Organized by  The Chopra Center

Special guests include Deepak, Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, and  India Arie.


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