What is “brewing” in your life : October Catch up

  As we get closer to the holidays we tend to be all over the place. Taking the time to catch up with family and friends is very important for your health. It gives you a moment of peace and a distraction from all the running around.  So let’s catch up with each other.

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A Cup of Life Blog- Zen Moment Guest Post 

  If you have been following other tea bloggers, then you may have noticed that I wrote for Lu Ann’s blog A Cup of Life. I helped kick off a series on Zen Moments. These moments can be moments of reflection, calm and perhaps even meditative. The post can be found here on A Cup of Life.

20 Years ago … Gather was Family Gathering 

   Who is Gather and Family Gathering? Its a locally owned clothing shop that I have been shopping at since I was 7 years old! Wow time flies. Today is their 20th Anniversary and I just had to share this with you all. I have known the owner Karen since she opened and I can not picture my life without her in it. The shop has grown a lot over the years and it is even where I take yoga through Kaleidoscope Yoga. The Gather Facebook page can be found here (with some fun images from last nights yoga class).

Gabrielle Bernstein just “May Cause Miracles”

  Today marks a week of following her book called “May Cause Miracles” and following every juicy word of wisdom. This year has been amazing but we all have our shadows that do not get handled. After experiencing loss of my job, depict, lies and even mental abuse; I decided to make a change to further become a better person. A few months ago I read Marie Forleo’s book “Make Every Man Want You” which is a motivational book about self discovery and empowerment (disguised as a book to get a guy ). This book helped me become more present but “May Cause Miracles” is helping me heal. Its a 40 day guide to a better you, that is well worth the investment in the book itself.
   If you had a wonky year or someones skeletons had you second guessing choices that you made, try this book out. Go to the library to save yourself money even. You will thank yourself latter, trust me.

Course one for Entrepreneurship last few weeks

  A big discovery for myself this year was how much I love business, especially small ones. This course (Entrepreneurship 101) has helped me obtain focus and get my pen to paper. When I ay pen to paper I mean get a business plan out.  I not only want to create something that makes me happy but also create something to give back to all of you. This new experience will help shape me and tea is what is guiding me to do it. I will share more about this as things become more concrete and when Bellman Art is finished, so stay tuned.

E-book writing progress

  The other day I jotted out an outline for my book. After completing this step I could almost see the “cover” in my mind. Eagerly I am going to finalize the outline and gather my reference list.
   On another note, I am making the decision this week if I shall pitch the book idea to an actual publisher. Big step for me, but my motto is “if you don’t ask, you won’t get”. Meaning that if you do not ask at all you will not get anything, but if you do ask then at least you did. The key is to try.

Enough about me, what is new with you? 

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