#feelgoodblogging Challenge : 10 Things that most people do not know about me

 I have been meaning to start something new and it came to me, in an e-mail from Alex Beadon. For the next 7 days I am participating in a blogger challenge to help push us beyond our comfort zone. If you would like to join in all the information can be found here at Alex’s page for the challenge.

#feelgoodblogging Challenge : 10 Things that most people do not know about me  alex beadon Katherine Bellman

1.I have a pen addiction

      When there are no art stores around Staples and those like it are like a candy store for me. On my desk currently there has to be at least 20 different types of writing gear. At least I am prepared right? With the new fountain pens I have recently aquired, my hands have ink marks all over them. That’s when I can be seen washing my hands like a mad woman right before I go out (especially before yoga).

2. I also have a paper addiction
     Have you ever touched the different types of paper in an art store and you get that “ah” kind of feeling? If you do then you must have the same addiction. Cold press or hot press. Different weights. Cotton or not. Each one is so yummy to me.

3. Not all of my sketchbooks are full
     So, my paper addiction extends to my sketchbooks. This means I tend to get a few new ones each year, I think this year I have bought at least three maybe more. Why do I get so many? First of all I forget about the older one or I grown bored of the paper. The other possibility is maybe I found a sketchbook with a new type of paper that feels and (yup) smells great. If that’s the case then you can find me at the cash very quickly.

4. LOVE antiques (Bonus points for Chinese and Japanese)
      Put me on e-bay , Ichroya or Rikyu Mart and I am one happy girl. I will look endlessly at different pieces and dream about them. If I do buy something, I can not help but smile at the musty smell that comes with some pieces. Over the years I have curated a small collection of different items and I can not wait to have more space to display them all.

5.  I have had two boyfriends to date and two heart breaks to heal
    You may have noticed that I do not talk about this often, instead I may have mentioned them but then changed the topic quickly. Currently, I am single and I am alright with that. After two heart breaks I am focusing on learning more about me because we tend to develop a persona when we are with another person. Learning about yourself is very important when you want to move on from  someone who cheated., lied or lied to others about you (which is what I am trying to heal from). You just need to remember that it was not your fault and to forgive yourself. 

6. I dislike wearing socks inside
  Since I was little I would always take them off, even in the coldest months of the year. There is just something about having them on for longer than 10-20 minutes that just annoys me. On the other hand I can never find a pair. I have bought socks three times this year and they are gone. Is it just me that has this problem or you too?

7. I have three tattoos 
   On my left wrist I have the characters for Wabisabi and on the right wrist I have the characters for WuWei. Both of which are considered also tea terms . Then finally, I have a red pentagram on my back to represent the Chinese elements and my interest in Onmyoudou. Overtop of the back tattoo I am planning on getting the characters Wa, Kei, Sei and Jaku. These are the four principals of Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony) as taught by Sen no Rikyu. 

8. I enjoy reading up on demonology and fairy tales from other cultures
     For me this is not weird at all. It is totally fun to learn about them as they pop up in anime or even dramas. Each one, for me, represents something that we hide deep inside ourselves. Meaning, perhaps there are no “actual” demons but the dark side of humans. With that it is more of the study of psychology and culture than something weird. By the way my favorite is a Kitsune, a demon fox, which is always a bonus for me when watching anime.

9. I have been learning Japanese for over 5 years straight (and 14 on and off)
  At first it was to understand anime before it was subtitled but it has developed into the need to read Japanese books (and games). My understanding has improved with the structure I have put in place for myself, I even passed the N5 level exam for proficiency (yey!). My goal is to keep on studying as I want to learn not only “normal” Japanese but art and tea specifics as well. If you are studying too let me know and maybe we can set up a skype or hangout to practice together!

10. I love re-watching my shows
   Anime especially, speaking of which I am re-watching Inuyasha again. There is just something about it that makes me do it, also I can do work and not worry about missing an important part.  So basically its my fun background noise. When it is anime, I adore hearing my favorite voice actors performing their craft. and anytime its something Japanese, you can hear me repeat things that are said (why not get a little extra practice in right?). Does anyone else do this too?

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