Toronto 2015 Yoga Conference Shopping

Earlier this month I went with my mom to  the Toronto 2015 Yoga Conference. Being our first time we decided to see what the show floor had. It was a great shopping area which surrounds the free yoga class section in the middle. 

  My favorite offering of the show is the option to bring your old mat in exchange for a 10$ voucher. It can be used to buy a new mat from the show from one of the many vendors to choose from. My mom ended up getting a Manduka mat (that has a good weight to it) for her mainly Hot Yoga practice. 

BMat Traveller in Sunrise Red // Karmala Strappy Happy Bra in Turquoise

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards // Lovbird Design Let Go T-Shirt

 I did not bring an old mat but I did have plans to pick up another Bmat for when I am traveling or even in Toronto for a class. The girls at the booth were very friendly and I ended up giving them a hug before we left. I was just too happy to get another mat to further my practice beyond my hometown.

    Midway through the day we ate a delicious meal that not only was healthy but energizing as well. We paired our lunch with a well deserved cup of tea from David’s Tea, who had a lovely booth near the rest/eating area. It truly set the tone for the day. 

    For next year we are going to sign up for a few of the many classes that are going on over the course of the 4 day event. The whole conference was a great place to meet people who wish to further themselves through yoga meditative sequences.  I was a little sad that there were only two Tea vendors but the atmosphere made up for it. 

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