Purifying your Tea water with Mineral “Maifan” Stones

Purify your water with Mineral Maifan stones. Medicine stones from China. They make great water for tea, rice and for drinking.

      August last year I received a packet of stones from Global Tea Hut as that months gift.  They are called “Maifan” or Medicine Stones. If I had not received some a few years back I would have underestimated their “power”.
       I used them often while still living in Toronto and it drastically changed the water. What it does is add minerals to your water.  The little stones work for you all on their own just place them in your kettle and leave them. Then simply go about making your tea as you would usually and you will have great tea water every time.
       In the picture above you can see the unused stones in the front and heavily used ones in the back. If you do a search online it’s quite easy to get your hands on some stones, you only need  a few and they will ,over time, slowly dissolve.  Just remember to rinse them off once in a while to freshen them up.

Do you have any tricks for your tea water?
P.S.  I am going to share two more “tricks” that I use regularly in latter posts. So keep an eye out!


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