Quotable life Lesson: Be content with life by living intentionally

    Inspiring quotes can provoke you to set intentions and become closer to your truth. Quotable is a series where thought provoking lines from various sources are brought together and lessons can be learned from each one. 

   Tune in to either set your intention for the week and learn more about yourself to get closer to living in your highest truth. All past posts can be found over on the Quotable series page

     The last few weeks have been fantastic. That is because I have been hustling to get through goals for this month. Mainly the two that have been my focus are Project Life pages and my blog business plan.

  When I picked this weeks quote, these two goals came to mind. Through both of them I feel content with what has occurred in the past and what is to come. Both of these tasks, the first being goal planning and the other being memory keeping, are part of intentional living.

   When you live intentionally you feel calm and have few worries (we all have a few small ones). I hope you start living with intention by setting goals for yourself and start memory keeping. Move forward and look back at the fun times.

    P.S. If you want to keep track of your goal planning a planner is a great idea. Even I got on the planner bandwagon and have ordered  a gorgeous Kikki. K planner.

Do you goal plan or scrapbook? How do they make you feel? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Till next time.

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