Happy 5th Anniversary Tea Journey

  Last night I celebrated the anniversary of Tea Journey with my family (yup cake and all). It feels life just yesterday that I signed up for the Tea Sommelier program and began to invest in this blog.
   Blog Podium last fall really pushed me in the right direction. While I can not attend this year, I am going to revisit all the information I learned before. I created a to-do list to get me to this day and I am so glad that we got a little facelift.

   Speaking of facelifts I want to introduce our new tag line “Living beyond your cup”. While writing my blog business plan last month I finally picked a tag line that reflected Tea Journey. Tea Journey is not just a tea blog. It is a space that supports intentionally living beyond your cup though the ideas from people such as Lu Yu or Sen Rikyu. 

  It is about creating a life you enjoy and can remember. So keeping with this idea, I have come up with a few long term goals for Tea Journey. They are written in my planner and I am going to break down each one into simpler steps. So that more exciting things can happen before we reach the big 10.

Long Term Goals

  • Write a Manifesto
  • Create an e-book before the end of summer
  • Experiment with my photography 
  • Share some freebies

P.S. Check out last years Anniversary post here.

Have you bought a cake just because you wanted to?

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