Purifying your Tea water with Crystals

Purify your tea water with crystals. Infuse your crystals by cleansing them with good energy and brew with your tea. Give it a good qi (energy) for every cup.

A few weeks ago we talked about Maifan “medicine stones” and latter about Bamboo Charcoal. Today we are going to look at using crystals.  While these don’t  work the same as the last two, they do contribute to a good energy of the water over all.
   The two stones I have came with the set of stones I received from Global Tea Hut a few years ago along with Maifan stones. The first is clear crystal quartz and the second is jade.Quartz removes negative energy thus purifying it in its own way. The Jade on the other hand can be infused with your energy by holding it between your palms, while focusing on warm kind thoughts.
   As you can see they work very differently from the Maifan Stones and the Bamboo Charcoal. Try them out next time you brew some tea. Simply put a few cleansed stones in your kettle before turning it on. Try making the same tea with “crystal infused water” and without, and see how you feel after each steep.

P.S. Don’t forget to cleanse your stones every once in a while. Just like any other crystal, cleansing is needed to reset them. Either leave in the sun for an hour or two. Or even outdoors on a clear full moon. Both of which give the stones a different type of energy.

  Have you used crystals with your tea before? Share your experiences with the Tea Journey community that you have had along your own Journey.


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