Digital Table: Global Tea Hut May 2015

 Welcome to the Digital Table where you are part of a global conversation with tea. Global Tea Hut is a Non-Profit Organization that sends out a sampling of tea, a gift and a special magazine. Everything is brought together by the community to spread the love of tea, Dao and Zen. Join us the last week of every month to discuss the current packet from Global Tea Hut.

      This series was created because the message from Global Tea Hut touched me. It is of my own creation and I receive nothing from them ,but good karma of spreading their message and cause . All past posts can be found under “Digital Table” here

Spring 2011 Wild Purple Tea De Hong, Yunnan

This months packet came with a tea created from an older tree picked by De’Ang Women, an aboriginal group in De Hong. This varietal has been around the market for few years now and has gained some popularity. If you are new to it , purple tea is created from tea leaves that are purple in colour, which occurs from a mutation in the plant itself. It has been mainly made into Pu-erh tea but there are some oolongs out there.
   This tea is a lovely Sheng Pu-erh with a refreshingly sweet aroma from the dry leaf. It gives a smooth soothing feeling in the body. It is suggested as a meditative tea which it truly is suitable for. The taste is like drinking tea in nature. I am describing it this way as it is the best way to do it. It is very much a  living tea picked in its natural surroundings as any plant should be.

Kettle In the off-hand by Wu De

Have you ever tried a day using both hands with everything you do? If you haven’t then I highly suggest you try it out. By balancing the way you do things with both your hands, you will see how we rely on one hand for most things we do (unless you are blessed with being ambidextrous, in which case I am jealous of your gift).
   When you apply this idea to your tea brewing it helps your session flow. The first thing that you can change is by handling your kettle in your off hand. When you do this it allows your dominant hand to be free to help with the pot lid or lid of a gaiwan. This protects your tea ware when you balance how you brew during your tea session. You will no longer have to worry about knocking over teaware during your sessions (I have been close a few times before I made the change). Test it out and you will love how smooth your tea session becomes with practice over time.

Gift: Photograph of Global Tea Hut’s Main Hall Altar

   This months gift touched me, I went the extra mile to laminate it to keep it safe. Seeing the altar which resides at Global Tea Huts Main Hall reminded me of my spiritual practice with tea and the desire to create my own space for such practice in my own home down the road.
   After laminating it I placed the photo in my planner so it is always with me. A reminder of why I continue to write for Tea Journey and the spiritual practice I have with the leaf. In its new home in my Spirituality Journal section in my planner I am reminded each time of why I am on this path when I write a new entry. It is my goal to visit the center in the near future to deepen my practice along side fellow Tea Brothers and Sisters, a moment I can not wait for.

Global Tea Hut is a digital community where tea drinkers enjoy the same tea(s) every month across the world. It is subscription based where all the proceeds go towards a non-profit tea center (Tea Sage Hut) in Taiwan that is open to all. For more information on Global Tea Hut and the center please visit them at:

Global Tea Hut

Tea Sage Hut

**All opinions are my own and subscription is paid by me, as a donation to the tea center

What thoughts and/or feelings come up for you when looking at this months gift? Share in the comments below.

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