Lolë White Tour 2015 Toronto, Fort York August 22nd

   It’s summer and that means it was time to snatch up some tickets for this years Lole White Tour. Last year the event was held inside the Royal Ontario Museum, was an experience I will remember for years to come. Having a live mini orchestra to acompany the event with others who are like minded made me (and many others) cry at how loving a community we live in.
     The event is held in many locations around the world throughout the summer, sometimes even extending a bit into the fall. Some of the locations include Paris, New York City, and Montreal.
  This year they are hosting it outside at Fort York at (gasp) 8 am. Morning yoga has a special place in my heart as it sets the right tone for the rest of the day. It let’s you clear your mind before processing everything else that is on your to-do list.
    My favorite thing about this year is the commemorative top that was designed especially for the event by Lole Women. It brings about a calmness and also reminds me of my dedication to mindfulness along my tea journey.
    Check out their page for the event for a location near you, here. If there is not one near you try setting up a day at your local Yoga Studio and add some moving meditation to your tea practice.

Do you practice yoga or meditation (or both) as part of your tea practice? Share your experience and how it effects your tea journey in the comments below. Satnam.

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