Exploring Photography: Tips to help you take better photos

It has been almost two months since I received my new camera and I adore my new creative outlet. Photography is drastically different from drawing or painting. Using what is around you or bringing aspects together to create a new image. Everything is left up to light that comes into the camera which all these little settings to alter it. High light, low light, large shadows, no shadows. There is so much you can do with it, but it is all up to how you alter the setting to get the image you want.
  At the moment I am slowly trying to put together elements to develop my own style. Taking pieces from here and there to get to the end result. It’s a long road but I am taking it day by day.  But I want to share what has helped me so far with you.

Exploring Photography- Tips to help you take better photos with use of a few very affordable items you can obtain locally. Get the most out of your cell phone camera or DSLR Canon Camera.

Tip #1: Use  daylight where ever possible

A bright window does wonders for lighting up your subject. Lights in most homes are fluorescent which gives pictures a tint in any pictures you take. Which brings me to our next tip. 

Tip #2: If not then use “daylight” light bulb to create it

 Thanks to technology we can now recreate the light we wish. This type of light bulb can be purchased sometimes at dollar stores but if you cant to create a quick kit for under $20 then check out places such as Home Depot. There you can find a light socket with a clamp and adjustable “neck”. Super handy if you need to take a picture latter in the evening or when it is overcast out. 

Tip #3: Used White foam core to bounce light back onto your subject

This has been my go to tool for the last few years, a trick I picked up at Blog Podium from Giulia’s photography workshop. Either check out your local dollar store or craft supply store to pick one up. Have the light coming in from one side and bounce the light back on the subject with the foam core board. When you feel you have mastered bouncing light this way try out our next tip.

Tip #4:  Rent or buy a 5 in 1 reflector

I have only had this for about little over a month and I love it. You zip and flip to get the side out that you desire. There is gold, silver, white, black and the middle can be used as a diffuser (lessen the light or soften). It folds up small and comes with a little bag making it super portable! For this little gem I would check your local Photography store and also Amazon.  Mine is 20″ wide and suits all of my needs so far. 

Tip #5: Try out a fixed prime lense (50mm or 35mm)

   These little guys have no zoom, only a focusing ring on them. They are light usually and versatile. If you are into portraiture and still life (such as flat lays) then 50mm  is perfect for you. Although if you are into fashion photography with friends or need a wider shot then 35mm is your friend. Compare prices (don’t forget to look at used from a certified retailer such as Henry’s here in Canada) and abilities online to find the ones that suits you the best.

Bonus Tip #6: Practice regularly to get used to your camera and its functions 

  This applies also to the camera’s on our phones as well (or apps for that matter). Getting used to all the functions of a camera takes time and practice. I learned back in High School but was not able to recall what each thing did such as ISO and shutter speed. Practice has helped me understand it in the best way for myself.  

But if you are the type that likes a little guide ( same here, so I can break rules after I learned them). Here are two e-courses that  I would highly suggest checking out A Beautiful Mess’ DSLR for Beginners e-course or even Giulia’s Table Top Photography e-course on Atly. I have purchased both of them and found the information very valuable.

   Do you have any tips for photography with either a camera or phone? Share them in the comments below to help others in the community here at Tea Journey.

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