A little "performance" art

The Demon who stole my face. 2006

   About 5 years ago as part of a first year project I created a kimono ensemble which reflected my deep interest in the Japanese spiritual world. Now I have been blessed with a job that gives me enough income to purchase a few pieces (more than a few actually).
    Fan Con is coming up and I am going in kimono. The one I decided to wear will be this beautiful wool blend hand made piece. The ensemble hopefully will come together this week as Saturday creeps closer. I have been praying that my new zori get here before then so that I can  wear them out.
         I just got my hair cut this weekend and my wig is not on hand. So I am not entirely sure what kind of character I will come up with or if I will change my kimono entirely for a different look.
   Bellow I have included a few pieces I am hoping to work with. Not all together but just pieces that made me think ” I should wear that to the Con!”.  Anyhow back to the sketch book to think some more. Id love to hear what you think!

Working towards the dream

  Just a bit ago I bid on an Agate chop, which the shop will then carve for me. I have been looking at many different places to purchase one and even considered taking on the carving task myself.  In the end I could not wait any longer and found this shop on e-bay.
   The characters I have chosen are for “Crimson Lotus”,  紅蓮. After many months of debating I decided these will be the best for my work and me.
   Why these characters? As I hope you know I have coppery red hair and I am still an emerging artist. The lotus grows up from the mud into a beautiful flower. I hope this image will push me further to where I want to go.

    On another note I was just about to get some sanding paper to attack my current work with. I seem to have added way too much rice paper to the wooden support and I have made Sheng Nung too big!
      Hopefully the rain and some sanding paper will do the trick to help things along again. So far though I like the idea of having rice paper on a wooden support. It’s not the same as adhering it to canvas.
   Anyhow I am off to grab the sanding paper, mask (I aggravated my Asthma on Tuesday and had an attack, much better but safety first) and perhaps a snack to go with a bowl of matcha.

New tea bowl from a reader over at Tea Journey (My Tea Blog)